UNE faculty members pen chapters in new book on social isolation

Mary Lou Ciolfi and Marilyn R. Gugliucci authored chapters in a new book on social isolation
Mary Lou Ciolfi and Marilyn R. Gugliucci authored chapters in a new book on social isolation

January 30, 2019

Mary Lou Ciolfi, J.D., M.S., of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, and Marilyn R. Gugliucci, Ph.D., professor and director of Geriatrics Education and Research in UNE's College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM), are the lead authors on two chapters in the new book Social Isolation in Later Life: Strategies for Bolstering Health and Well-Being, published by Springer Publishing Company.

Ciolfi is the solo author of chapter two, “Historical Perspectives on the Research of Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Social Support.”

Ciolfi asserts that social isolation and loneliness are distinct concepts with research histories that evolved separately over many decades in the disciplines of sociology, psychology, psychiatry and epidemiology. The chapter provides a historical overview of highlights from the research on social isolation, loneliness and social support and considers the implications of that research on current practice.

Gugliucci is the lead author of chapter six, “Physical Activity for Older Adults: Supporting Social Integration.”

The chapter explains the ways in which the wave of older adults has stimulated changes in social policy, scientific research and health care. Physical activity for older adults has become a central feature of our culture, Gugliucci contends. The chapter is organized into three sections, each addressing older adult social integration and physical activity in specific ways that are applicable to health professionals.

Co-authors for the chapter are Erica Robertson, M.P.H., COM U-ExCEL fitness director; Susan Wehry, M.D., COM chief of Geriatrics; and consultant Shirley A. Weaver, Ph.D.

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