Elizabeth DeWolfe discusses employment outlook for graduates with job site Zippia

Elizabeth DeWolfe, professor of history and co-founder of the Women’s and Gender Studies program

Elizabeth DeWolfe, Ph.D., professor of history and co-founder of the Women’s and Gender Studies program, was recently interviewed by Zippia, a website that helps job seekers find new career options and land employment. DeWolfe discussed where the job market is heading for recent graduates, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zippia spoke to professors and experts from several universities and companies to get their opinions on what recent graduates can expect when trying to find a job.

“There is no doubt in the immediate sense, in terms of the job market, both now and in its slow recovery, that the coronavirus pandemic will undoubtedly change the job landscape,” DeWolfe told Zippia. “Graduates will need the ability to be flexible and to think creatively, to work both collaboratively and independently, and be able to assess information, evidence, and data critically from a variety of sources. As the pandemic has shown us, the ability to pivot is a key to economic survival and personal well-being.”

DeWolfe says things that stand out in a resume include hands-on experience, an interdisciplinary education, and self-direction.

“As I say to my students, ‘When opportunity knocks, you have to know how to open the door,’” she said. “I tell them to build the skills, knowledge, and ambition to open that door.”