UNE’s Anouar Majid discusses Moroccan king’s speech to nation with MAP Express

Anouar Majid
Anouar Majid, Ph.D., vice president for Global Affairs and founding director of the Center for Global Humanities.

Anouar Majid, Ph.D., vice president for Global Affairs and founding director of the Center for Global Humanities, has been featured on Moroccan news website MAP Express, where he commented on Moroccan King Mohammed VI’s recent address to the country on Throne Day, a holiday commemorating the king’s accession to the throne.

Majid called the king’s July 30 speech — which pledged to invest billions of dollars into the country’s economy in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic — an “ambitious project for the future.”

“This massive investment will allow all Moroccans to benefit from national health coverage as well as unemployment and retirement benefits within five years,” Majid told the news outlet. “The Sovereign is acting as a champion of the poor in a world where economic forces are blind to human suffering.”

Majid also noted that the king reminded Moroccans that the repercussions of the pandemic will be difficult to overcome and that citizens should adhere to health guidelines as the outbreak roars on.

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