UNE’s test-blind policy featured in CBS News

exterior view of the danielle ripich commons on the biddeford campus

The University of New England’s recently adopted test-blind policy has been featured in a CBS News special emphasizing the growing number of colleges and universities across the United States adopting similar policies.

UNE announced its test-blind policy for undergraduate admissions earlier this year. At the time, it was only the fourth institution of higher learning to implement such a measure. Under the policy, most applicants’ SAT and ACT scores will not be considered among criteria for college acceptance.

The policy is an expansion of the University’s previous test-optional policy, launched in 2018. The new test-blind policy was adopted, in part, due to statistical evidence that standardized test scores are not a reliable indicator of how undergraduate students will perform in college and, in part, due to complications in the administration of such tests amid the coronavirus pandemic.

CBS News cited this evidence in its report using a statement from Scott Steinberg, vice president of Admissions at UNE.

"Our research has shown that a student's performance in high school is the most significant predictor of academic success at UNE," Steinberg said. "Standardized tests provide very little — if any — incremental value beyond the high school record and grade point average."

Read more about UNE’s testing policies for undergraduate students at https://www.une.edu/admissions/testpolicy

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