CEPH faculty to represent Maine with substance abuse prevention fellowship

Headshot of Laurie Jevons
Laurie Jevons, M.S., PS-C, PMP,

Laurie Jevons, M.S., PS-C, PMP, program coordinator for Maine Substance Use Prevention Services within UNE’s Center for Excellence in Public Health, was recently selected to represent the state of Maine as part of the New England Prevention Technology Transfer Center Fellowship program.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Region I Fellowship was awarded to one representative from each state in New England to develop an innovative piece of research and accompanying tool for the benefit of the prevention workforce.

The focus for the 2021 fellowship is diversity, equity, and inclusion in substance abuse prevention.

Jevons was selected for her proposal to create culturally competent and translated resources for immigrants and international students regarding the use of cannabis — which is legal for retail sale in Maine but remains illegal federally — as possession of cannabis can impact immigration and visa statuses.

“I am honored to represent the state of Maine for SAMHSA’s inaugural New England Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion fellowship,” said Jevons. “This fellowship creates an opportunity to develop culturally competent resources defining cannabis itself, potential implications of possession, and differences between medical and adult retail use.”

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