School of Pharmacy launches new program for international pharmacists

School of Pharmacy
UNE School of Pharmacy

The University of New England’s School of Pharmacy recently began a program designed for people with international pharmacy degrees who wish to earn an American pharmacy degree. 

Students start by completing a bridge course during the summer. Then, the Advanced Standing Track (AST) program will allow them to complete the usual four-year professional program in three years.

“We are proud of our immigrant population in Maine,” said UNE School of Pharmacy Dean Robert McCarthy. “This will give qualified workers who wish to practice pharmacy a path to an American pharmacy degree.” 

UNE has established a partnership with the New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC), a Portland Adult Education program serving immigrants, refugees and employers. NMRC has been instrumental in identifying internationally trained pharmacists in Maine who might be interested in pursuing this degree.

There are only a handful of other programs like this offered at universities in the United States.

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