Stephen Burt’s art work to be displayed in upcoming Portland show

Stephen Burt
Stephen Burt, M.F.A., chair and associate professor in the Department of Arts

Stephen Burt, M.F.A., associate professor of art in the School of Arts and Humanities, will be displaying his work in the upcoming show “Gargantua and Lilliputian” at Cove Street in Portland, a multi-media space celebrating Maine's storied place in American art history.

Through his work, Burt explores the historical documentation of entomological specimens. But, his presentation begs the question, “Are these real or imagined?”

“Viewing the arc of my career it is an indisputable fact that nature, both real and imagined, represents the core of my interest and practice,” Burt explained. “My goal has always been to create work, that through the use of symbol and technique, has visionary significance to the viewer. In place of mirroring the world as it is, I would rather create a kind of reality rich with analogies. One thing may be many things.”

“Gargantua and Lilliputian” is an exhibition of large and small prints that runs from April 1 through May 15.

Burt's art work
Burt's "Various Species of Insects"

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