UNE North’s Holly Parker accepted to prestigious Fulbright Specialist Program

Holly Parker
Holly Parker, Ph.D., director of UNE North: The Institute for North Atlantic Studies

Holly Parker, Ph.D., director of UNE North: The Institute for North Atlantic Studies at the University of New England, has been accepted to the Fulbright Specialist Program, where she will engage with other U.S. academics and established professionals for project-based exchanges across the globe.

Parker will serve on the program’s project roster for four years and be eligible to match with projects around the world and the North, in particular. She will focus her efforts on sustainable development and leadership education.

The specialist program differs from traditional Fulbright residencies as the projects take place at host institutions for a period of just two to six weeks.

“Because these projects move at a rapid pace, they allow us to be more innovative in our thinking,” Parker said. “That is what I found so attractive about this program.”

Parker also said the experience will help elevate UNE North and UNE as a whole as she will collaborate with partners across the North Atlantic toward common research goals. There is already interest from partners in England, Scotland, Norway, and Iceland, she said.

“This program will allow us to fund key UNE and UNE North projects,” Parker explained. “I’m honored to have this experience, and I am humbled by the response I have had from my colleagues since being accepted into the Fulbright Specialist Program.”

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