UNE President James Herbert once again named a ‘digital leader’ of COVID-19 era

U N E President James Herbert poses in front of a window overlooking the Biddeford Campus
UNE President James D. Herbert, Ph.D.

University of New England President James D. Herbert, Ph.D., has once again been listed as a digital leader of the COVID-19 era by Josie Ahlquist, Ed.D., a digital leadership educator and consultant with decades of experience in technology research.

In 2020, Ahlquist named Herbert to her “40 Digital Leaders to Follow” list, which highlighted the strategies campus leaders implemented to remain engaging, approachable, and accessible through social media during the pandemic.

This year’s listing features a number of campus leaders who were, as Ahlquist’s writes, “willing to show up for their communities, demonstrate humanity beyond their position, share the heartbreak of closing campuses, hold others accountable for posting racist remarks and hate speech, and share the small wins through video, podcasts, TikTok, blogging, and much more.”

Ahlquist lauded Herbert for his use of Instagram to connect with his more than 2,500 followers.

“James Herbert understands how to share both his work and personal lives on his social media channels. His dedication to wellness, running, and vaccine promotion is apparent,” she states.

She also praised his strategic use of video to connect with his digital community, including an end-of-year message wishing students well over their holiday break.