Anouar Majid's essay published in Times Literary Supplement

Anouar Majid, Ph.D., vice president for Global Affairs and director of the Center for Global Humanities
Anouar Majid, Ph.D., vice president Global Affairs.

Anouar Majid, Ph.D., vice president Global Affairs and director of the Center for Global Humanities at the University of New England, has published an essay on Edward Said in the London-based literary publication Times Literary Supplement, or TLS, considered by the Encyclopedia Britannica as “the finest literary review in the English language.”

The encyclopedia notes that TLS “sets the tone and standards for excellence in the field of literary criticism” and is noted for "its topical essays by the world’s leading scholars.”

Majid's essay, titled “Edward Said: The condition of exile,” explains the main ideas in Said's oeuvre, especially his concept of Orientalism, which has had a deeply transformative impact on the study of the humanities and social sciences in the world. Majid, however, questions whether Orientalism is still as relevant as it was in the last decades of the 20th Century, especially in light of the emergence of a new kind of globalization triggered by the emergence Big Tech capitalism.

Majid argues that, in such a world, Said can be a valuable guide, especially since his own life is a palimpsest of cultures, languages, and places, giving a new meaning to homelessness.