University of New England and BioConnects New England announce partnership

Professor King works with students in her lab
The partnership will create a robust biomanufacturing industry cluster in the New England region.

BioConnects New England (BCNE) and the University of New England are excited to announce a partnership to create a robust biomanufacturing industry cluster in the New England region. 

With this partnership, BioConnects New England and the University of New England aim to promote the growth and sustainability of the life sciences industry in New England through academic excellence and strategic programming. Additionally, BioConnects New England and UNE agree to foster research and development collaboration on a range of projects. UNE is also committed to participating in the development of curricula to enhance workforce development and in the identification of space to deliver such curricula, as well as to participating in efforts that support and encourage faculty to collaborate in seed-funded projects focused on biopharmaceutical research questions.

“We look forward to working with the University of New England,” said Jared Auclair, Ph.D., an associate dean at Northeastern University and director of their Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Lab and co-lead of BioConnects New England. “They add an important perspective to our coalition and their contributions to curricula development will be especially helpful.”

"Collaborations like these will foster the intentional network of life sciences entities that we seek to cultivate here in Maine as we work to support developing the entire continuum of life sciences talent,” added Michael Pollastri, academic lead for the Roux Institute at Northeastern University in Portland. “In working together, we can leverage the expertise and strengths of each institution, maximizing impact."

“Working with BioConnects New England will allow UNE to grow its existing collaborations in research relating to biomanufacturing and workforce development in biotechnology,” reflected UNE President James Herbert, Ph.D.. “This partnership is a deep reflection of UNE’s mission of innovation and will prove to be crucial as we expand UNE’s graduate health professions programs and undergraduate research programs across our Maine campuses.”

Through its grant challenge sponsored by the Economic Development Administration, BioConnects New England is leveraging its resources in the region to create a robust biomanufacturing industry. Massachusetts-based Northeastern University leads the coalition, which includes The Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory at Northeastern University, The Roux Institute at Northeastern University, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, -the I-195 Design & Innovation District in Providence, Rhode Island, the University of Rhode Island, and FocusMaine. The coalition will lead K-12 education and engagement activities, jumpstart prototyping and incubation facilities throughout the region, and invest in accessible start-up entrepreneurship programming