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A student points to their presentation poster as they talk to a fellow student
The UNE Honors College is an intellectual and social community that recognizes high-achieving students and provides them with varied academic and extracurricular experiences.

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Accelerated nursing program gains more coverage
Pharmacy's Stephanie Nichols says risk of bipolar outweighs that of medication during pregnancy
New, 12-month accelerated nursing degree featured locally

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UNE students Troy Fowler and Jake Tobin pose with representatives from Maine's outdoor economy at the Maine Outdoor Economy Summit in Rockland
Presented by Maine Outdoor Brands and the Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation, the three-day event is a forum for professional development, ideation, and discussions on essential topics impacting Maine’s outdoor industry.

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Erin McGee Ferrell
Known for her blend of art and technology, Ferrell’s exhibition in Bahrain will explore not only the emerging female interest in Formula One but also will delve into the urban architectural beauty of the capital city.

UNE Magazine

Faces of Our Future: Empowering Students to Build a Better Tomorrow. The 2023 UNE Magazine.


Emboldened by a relentless quest for knowledge, UNE students are leading the charge to shape a better world. These “Faces of Our Future” are living proof that a university, guided by its strategic priorities, can do big things in the face of uncertainty. Learn how our students are working to build a better tomorrow for Maine, the nation, and our world.

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Researching Models for Stress in Zebrafish

Students are using Zebrafish to study and research models for post-traumatic stress disorder. The interdisciplinary lab course is part of UNE's Neuroscience degree program and serves as an elective for the Animal Behavior degree program and for students studying Psychology at UNE.


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