Ron Souza, Director, EHS

Ron Souza

Director, Environmental Health & Safety


Facilities Management / Safety and Security Room 127
Biddeford Campus

Reporting to the Vice President for Campus Operations, Ronnie is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of comprehensive environmental health and safety programs and policies for the University compliant with federal, state and local regulations. Ronnie is also the Radiation and Biological Safety Officer for UNE as well as a member of the IACUC and IBC committees.

Ronnie started his career in Environmental Health & Safety at E.I. DuPont, Medical Research & Radio-pharmaceutical Division, where he was responsible for EH&S compliance in research laboratories, animal facilities and nuclear medicine production areas. The division’s 3,000 employees worked with radioactive, chemical, and biological hazards on a daily basis. Ronnie left E.I. DuPont after 21 years to take a position at The Children’s Hospital, Boston.


As a staff member of The Children’s Hospital Environmental Health & Safety Department, Ronnie was responsible for the development, implementation and management of comprehensive EH&S programs and policies which included research labs, clinical labs, animal facilities and public sectors hospital-wide. Ronnie left Children’s Hospital to take a position as an EH&S Consulting Services Manager with Triumvirate Environmental.


As Consulting Services Manager for Triumvirate’s Life Science/Biotechnology division, Ronnie provided EH&S consulting services for hundreds of the Life Science-Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Industrial institutions across New England, the mid-Atlantic, and California. It was in the role of Consulting Services Manager for Triumvirate that Ronnie started working for UNE in 2004. At that time, UNE was looking for someone to fill the vacant Radiation Safety Officer position. Ronnie continued his role as Consulting Radiation Safety Officer until 2011 when he accepted the EHS Directors position at The University of New England.