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Victoria Eaton, B.S.

Behavior Core Research Technician


Stella Maris 304
Biddeford Campus
On campus




B.S. Neuroscience
University of New England


Animal behavior
Animal handling
Behavioral science
Research design
Research methods


Selected publications

Townsend, K., Imbert, I., Eaton, V., Stevenson, G., King, T. Voluntary exercise blocks ongoing pain and diminishes bone remodeling while sparing protective mechanical pain in a rat model of advanced osteoarthritis pain. (Submitted)

Eaton, V. E., Pettit, S., Elkinson, A., Houseknecht, K. L., King, T. E., & May, M. (2019). Polymicrobial abscessfollowing ovariectomy in a mouse. BMC veterinary research, 15(1), 364.

Sannajust, S., Imbert, I., Eaton, V., Henderson, T., Liaw, L., May, M., Barbe, MF., & King, T. (2019). Femaleshave greater susceptibility to develop ongoing pain and central sensitization in a rat model of temporomandibular joint pain. Pain, 160(9), 2036-2049.

Davis SM, Rice M, Rudlong J, Eaton V, King T, Burman MA. (2018). Neonatal pain and stress disrupts later-lifepavlovian fear conditioning and sensory function in rats: Evidence for a two-hit model. Developmental Psychobiology; 60(5):520-533.

Research topics

Animal Model
Behavioral Neuroscience
COM Neuroscience and Pain
Gene Expression
Transgenic Mice

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