Headshot of U N E student Alexis Radziewicz

Alexis Radziewicz ’26

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Pre-Pharmacy


UNE is a close-knit community in and out of school. I've made very close relationships with the other pre-pharmacy students and all of the professors. That really helps studying wise and feeling more comfortable in classes. The material can be hard at times, but with people to study with it, it's very helpful.

The thought of being a pharmacist can be intimidating, but everyone here works together — it’s not every man or woman for themselves, it's we're in this together.

Beautiful Locations

[The Biddeford campus] is right on the water, it is just a great location for undergrad. And having the graduate program on the Portland campus is pretty as well. You get both experiences — the beach and city life — in this program.