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Through UNE’s Pre-Professional Pharmacy program, you’ll gain the expertise and knowledge needed to succeed in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. This two-year program is designed for students planning to apply to the School of Pharmacy, covering all prerequisite courses for the doctoral program.

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B.S. in Pharmacy Science

If you are enrolled in our Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program, you will be awarded a B.S. in Pharmacy Science after you successfully complete your second professional (P2) year. Completion of the B.S. in Pharmacy Science does not make you eligible for licensure as a pharmacist, you must complete all requirements for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree in order to be eligible to take the pharmacy licensure exams (NAPLEX, MPJE).

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Why UNE for Pre-Pharmacy

  • You’ll join a close-knit, collaborative community. Class sizes are small, and faculty are dedicated to student-centered learning.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work with professors on cutting-edge research and community outreach.
  • You’ll be eligible for UNE’s GradVantage program for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.
  • If you continue into UNE's Doctor of Pharmacy program you’ll receive a B.S. in Pharmacy Science upon successful completion of your second professional year (after four years of study).
  • A 2+4 track of pre-professional and professional pharmacy studies allows you to complete your pharmacy education in six years.
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Career Paths for Pharmacists

Pharmacists provide valuable direct care, from vaccinations to health screenings, to consultations and community clinics.

Pharmacists are medication experts who bring their knowledge on drug-based care to an integrated health care team and play roles in managing medication plans for patients. This includes watching for negative drug interactions, recommending alternative options for physicians, tracking opiate prescriptions to identify over-prescribing practices, and more.

UNE pharmacists are trained in holistic approaches to wellness such as nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction and routinely work with patients to make better choices for their health and wellbeing.

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Sarah Vincent
Associate Clinical Professor, School of Pharmacy

Academic Advising for Pre-Pharmacy Majors

Academic advising gives first-year students the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of:

  • Major specific and core required courses
  • Course selection, registration, and academic plans
  • Building internships and study abroad into your academic plan
  • On campus resources available at UNE

Pre-Professional Pharmacy Faculty Advisor

As a first-year student in the Pre-Professional Pharmacy program, you are assigned to Dr. Sarah Vincent as your academic advisor. Dr. Vincent is a great resource of information on curriculum-specific questions and insight on pharmacy school and career options in pharmacy.

    You are encouraged to schedule appointments to meet with your advisor on a regular basis and not just in the weeks preceding the registration process.

    Mandatory Pre-Registration Advising Meetings*

    As a first-year student in the Pre-Professional Pharmacy program, you are required to attend mandatory Pre- Registration Advising appointments with Dr. Vincent in the fall and spring. You will be given an alternate pin number to use at the time of registration and will receive an email with details on how to sign up for these meetings. Until you attend a First-Year Mandatory Advising Meeting, you will not have permission to register for classes.

    Mandatory Pre-Registration Advising Meetings must be completed during mid-October through mid-November of your fall semester and mid-March through mid-April of your spring semester. 

    *A drop-in appointment or an appointment with a peer advisor will not complete this requirement.

    What will you study? Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum Overview

    The Pre-Professional Pharmacy curriculum includes coursework in biology, chemistry, social/global awareness, and pharmacy practice. Through these hands-on courses, you’ll experience the best of what UNE has to offer: small class sizes, engaging faculty, and an intellectual health sciences community.


    Curricular Requirements

    See Undergraduate Admissions for more information.

    General Education Curriculum Credits
    SPC 100 – Public Speaking 3
    ENG 110 – English Composition 4
    BIO 106/106L – Biology II: Cellular/Molecular w/Lab 4
    CHE 110/110L – General Chemistry I with Lab or CHE 150/150L – University General Chemistry w/Lab 4
    CHE 111/111L – General Chemistry II with Lab or CHE 151/151L – University General Chemistry II w/Lab 4
    MAT 190 – Calculus I 4
    One (1) Creative Arts Course (with prefix ARH, ART or MUS) 3
    One (1) Humanities course with prefix ARB, ARC, ASL, CMM, ENG, FRE, HIS, LIT, PHIL, REL, SPA 3
    PSY 105 – Intro to Psychology or SOC 150 – Intro to Sociology 3
    On (1) Social Global Awareness course 3
    One (1) Social Science* course 3
    PHAR 477 – Healthcare Systems and Quality 3
    PHAR 478 – Social Behavior, Outcomes, and Population Health 3
    Total General Education Credits 44
    Required Courses Credits
    BIO 208/208L – Intro to Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab 4
    BIO 209/209L – Intro to Anatomy and Physiology II w/Lab 4
    BIO 233 - Microbiology for Pre-Pharms 3
    CHE 210/210L – Organic Chemistry I with Lab or CHE 250/250L – University Organic Chemistry I w/Lab 5
    CHE 211/211L – Organic Chemistry II with Lab or CHE 251/251L – University Organic Chemistry II w/Lab 5
    PHY 110/110L – Physics I with Lab or PHY 210/210L – University Physics I with Lab or MAT 150 – Statistics for Life Sciences 3–4
    PHM 110** – Careers in Pharmacy 1
    PHM 120** – Success in Pharmacy 1
    PHM 130** – Pharmacy in the News 1
    PHAR 357 – Abilities Lab I 2
    PHAR 358 – Abilities Lab II 2
    PHAR 361 – Introduction to Pharmacy 1
    PHAR 362 – Foundations of Pharmacogenomic 2
    PHAR 363 – Foundations of Medicinal Chemistry 1
    PHAR 364 – Medical Immunology 3
    PHAR 365 – Foundations of Pharmacology 1
    PHAR 366 – Pharmacokinetics 3
    PHAR 367 – Foundations of Drug Information 1
    PHAR 369 – Foundations of Pharmacy Calculations 1
    PHAR 370 – Summer Community IPPE 4
    PHAR 371 – Biochemistry 3
    PHAR 373 – Pharmaceutics 3
    PHAR 374 – Evidence-Based Medicine and Biostatistics 3
    PHAR 376 – Introduction to Self-Care 2
    PHAR 455 – Integrated Group Learning III 2
    PHAR 456 – Integrated Group Learning IV 2
    PHAR 457 – Abilities Lab III 2
    PHAR 458 – Abilities Lab IV 2
    PHAR 481 – D&D I – Introduction to Drugs and Disease 3
    PHAR 482 – D&D IV – Renal 2
    Pharmacy Elective 2
    Pharmacy Elective 2
    Total Program Required Credits 76
    Total Minimum Required Credits 120–121

    *PSY 105 or SOC 150 (if not already taken to satisfy General Education Requirements) or BUEC 204 or BUEC 203 or any course with subject ANT or PSC

    **Students transferring into PSI may choose a 3-credit elective in place of PHM 110, 120, and 130

    To learn more about the program view the Academic Catalog.

    As a Pre-Professional Pharmacy student, you’ll have the opportunity to:

    • Integrate with the School of Pharmacy
    • Work directly with a Pharmacy Faculty Academic Advisor
    • Build relationships with faculty in the doctoral program
    • Be part of an inclusive community of innovative thinkers

    Meet our faculty and professional staff

    Beautiful Locations for your Pre-Professional Pharmacy program

    Two Years on the Biddeford Campus

    In the Pre-Professional Pharmacy program, you’ll live and study on the waterfront. Our Biddeford Campus includes state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Center for Excellence in the Marine Sciences, Harold Alfond Center for the Health Sciences and Peter and Cécile Morgane Hall.

    Professional Studies in Portland, Maine

    If you go on to earn your Pharm.D., you will study on our Portland, Maine campus. A classic New England quad with brick buildings and tall trees, UNE's campus is just 10 minutes from downtown. Portland, named “America’s Most Livable City” by Forbes and “Foodiest Small Town in America” by Bon Appetit, is the city on every list. A rustic port hosts a cool cultural scene — with outdoor adventure all around.


    Applying or Transfering

    For questions about applying to the Pre-Professional Pharmacy Program or credit transfer contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at or 1 (800) 477-4863.

    Careers and Student Advising

    For questions about pharmacy careers or Pre-Professional Pharmacy student advising, contact Pre-Pharmacy Coordinator Sarah Vincent, B.S., Pharm.D., at or (207) 602-2882.

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