Headshot of U N E sustainability and business student Ariana Walker

Ariana Walker ’23

Sustainability and Business

UNE is great because you can create strong relationships with your professors. At a big school where there are huge classes, you aren’t going to get the time with your professors, so you aren’t going to get the same education that you can get at UNE. That face-to-face time with professors is so valuable. It’s never a fight for time. My professors always make time to answer questions and chat with me one-on-one. They’re all like mentors to me. I look up to them.

Sustainability and business at UNE is helping me to see the connections between business and the environment. It allows me to explore how businesses can have the smallest impact on the planet but still reach their profit goals. Seeing how I play into that is exciting. I want the expertise to be able to help people and businesses live sustainably in cohesion.

Experiential Education

I was part of the [Green Learning Community] during my first year. We took a lot of off-campus trips, like to different parks or conservation areas. It was very hands-on, which was one of the reasons I was so excited to take part in it. We did a lot of fieldwork, and that was a great learning experience. You can’t learn from a book like that. It was a matter of learning through doing — of learning by being in a specific type of environment. That was the whole point of it. It was exciting and a nice break from the classroom.

Global Opportunities 

I’ll be studying abroad in Morocco in the spring. I’m so excited. UNE helps you with everything. It’s really no extra cost to spend the semester on that campus except any extra traveling you may want to do while there…It’d be insane to pass up the opportunity to go. I was able to work with my advisor to set up my class schedule to make it easy to go, so I don’t have anything to worry about. It’s great how much support I’ve gotten.