Banner shot of U N E student Delia Mack
Headshot of U N E student Delia Mack

Delia Mack ’26

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Pre-Pharmacy

Meet Delia Mack: finding her niche in the pharmacy field

The story of how I got to where I am today is unique. While I currently reside in Scarborough, Maine, I am originally from Los Angeles, California. During my time in LA, I considered going into law, participated in a few nursing classes, tried Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, and ultimately found my true passion in pharmacy.

My nontraditional journey began as a pharmacy technician, where I worked my way up to manage and co-own a retail pharmacy. Through my passion for learning and helping others, this role solidified my goal to become a pharmacist who can positively impact the lives of others through advocacy for their rights and access to affordable and effective healthcare.

This past year, I completed the pre-pharmacy program at UNE as the president of my class. Now studying at the graduate level, I’m excited to be alongside my Nor’easter peers at an institution that values nontraditional paths like mine. I’m especially eager to join the 4.5% of Hispanic pharmacists across the country with the hopes that as time passes, that percentage grows.

Even if it takes time, I believe if you’ve found a niche that makes your gratitude grow daily, you should put all your efforts into making that passion a reality. I urge you to follow your heart, never let go of that spark, and not only do what will enrich your life but for others as well.