Laura Enk

Laura Enk '22

Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)
Welcoming Community

I chose [UNE] over [other schools] because I was really impressed by the atmosphere at the school when I came to interview. People just felt so personable and friendly. I got the sense that students are put first. That really stuck out to me when I was making my decision.

The impression that I got on my interview day directly matches my experience thus far. I really like that there wasn’t any smoke and mirrors involved. Our program is phenomenal in that way. When I got to talk to students on my interview day, they were upfront about the workload and how classes can get difficult at times, but they also stressed how invested the professors are and how much support you receive throughout your time here. I’ve felt that in the classroom. I’ve experienced it going to tutoring and seeing professors during their office hours. I just really feel like it’s a team approach to getting us as students to graduate and be successful in the field.


The PT program is so close-knit — as cliché as that may be. Everyone has each other’s backs. The program attracts people who really like athletics and are fascinated by anatomy, so everyone is likeminded, which enables a strong sense of community within the program.

At other schools that I interviewed at, the PT program was one building or one section of a building. I like that UNE’s Portland Campus is a campus dedicated to graduate students, especially health professionals. I think that allows for a lot more connections. Dental students are near pharmacy students and so on and so forth. At our orientation day, I met a bunch of people from all different professions that I didn’t even realize were on campus. It allows for a variety of friendships and networking for the future. There is a huge focus on interprofessional work and relations at UNE.

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