U N E athletic training alum Lindsey Dutton

Lindsey Dutton '19

Athletic Training (M.S.A.T.)

Exceptional Teaching and Learning

UNE opened my eyes to so many new opportunities. As an Athletic Training student, I had diverse clinical rotation opportunities that allowed me to work anywhere from high schools, to colleges, and even the orthopedic clinic and operating room setting.

I was exposed to a diverse group of athletes/patients and communities that helped form our basis for communication with people from all walks of life. I was required to communicate with parents, athletes, coaches, other athletic trainers, and different medical professionals. Clinical rotations put you into a safe location to work under certified athletic trainers while obtaining hands-on, on-field assessments of real-time injuries and patients.

UNE is also one of the few schools in New England that has a gross anatomy lab and allows undergraduate students to have classes in the lab. Having access to the gross anatomy lab was such an advantage to be able to understand the basics and complexity of the human body.

UNE taught me to care for everyone around me. The UNE community prides itself on caring for the people and planet around them.

UNE taught me, “a patient does not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” One of my professors made sure we would never forget this quote, and now it will follow me through the rest of my life as both a person and a professional. Healthcare isn’t only based on how much you, as a provider, know. It is also based on showing patients compassion for their ailments and treating the patient as a whole and not only the injury.

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