Headshot of U N E student Maddy Welch

Maddy Welch ’22

Social Work/M.S.W. 4+1


I really appreciate that the program is on the smaller side. The M.S.W. program is slightly bigger [than the undergraduate program], but I still feel like I’ve made some deep connections. The professors are lovely as well, and I was excited to learn that I’d get to have some of them again in the M.S.W. program. They won’t shame you for requesting extensions or guidance — they want to see you succeed.

[UNE] has a very supportive community. If you’re struggling, feeling alone, or overwhelmed, there are plenty of resources (including the counseling services). I’ve learned that it’s never just you struggling, and support is crucial to performance. 

Hands on learning

I have had two internships so far. The first I worked with Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. It really helped me to come out of my shell and realize the importance of policy on our work-external barriers can and do have just as much of an impact on clients as internal struggles. I even gave testimony for a bill. 

My current internship is with Maine Medical Center’s Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic. I really appreciate the chance to connect with clients and provide whatever help and support I can. Older adults are all too often neglected in our society, so this internship has helped me to become more of an ally and strengthened existing relationships with older members of my family.