Program overview

For some people, social justice, inclusion, and compassion are more than just words — they are a call to action in a world that urgently needs our help. UNE’s Bachelor of Social Work program educates the next generation of social workers who will answer that summons. Our relationship-based learning philosophy transforms values into action. We’ll give you the experience and the knowledge you need to have a tangible, positive effect on the world you live in. You’ll embark on your career with the tools to empower and support others; find solutions to systemic problems; and build strong, caring communities. How do you plan to do good?

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The B.S.W. program has really prepared us in all has given me a wide variety of classes and the thorough knowledge of each topic to feel as comfortable and prepared as I can be to be a successful social work professional.
Social Work

Why UNE for Your Social Work Bachelor's

You will be immersed within an innovative web of interdisciplinary University partnerships as part of your learning. Situated in a uniquely interprofessional educational environment, our program enables you to learn with and from students from a multitude of majors in the health professions and in the liberal arts.  

  • Simulation practice experiences with students in other health professions and disciplines
  • Meaningful community-based service learning
  • Exciting internship opportunities
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician Certification
  • 4+1 option to pursue a UNE Master of Social Work degree


Our commitment to an inclusive and student-centered learning environment and our experiential learning philosophy will prepare you for careers in human services, health care, and many other human service organizations.

There are multiple areas of social work and a wide variety of settings in which you may seek employment:

  • School Social Work
  • Medical Social Work
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Military Social Work
  • Substance Use and Recovery Services
  • Support Group Counseling
  • Family and Child Social Work
  • Jail and Prison Social Work
  • Social Policy

new social work jobs expected to open in U.S. between 2018 and 2028

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019

Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or a vague idea of the field that interests you, Career Advising is here to help you plan your next step.

4+1 B.S.W./M.S.W. Program

If you’re interested in getting a master’s degree in addition to your bachelor’s, explore our 4+1 B.S.W/M.S.W. Program to achieve both degrees within a condensed timeframe of just five years. It could put you on the fast track to reaching your professional goals.


Our Social Work degree is part of UNE’s School of Social Work. The following are some examples of the rewarding courses that you may take:

  • Human Behavior and Social Work Theory
  • Social Welfare Policy and Advocacy
  • Trauma and Resiliency
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Social Work with Groups and Communities

In addition to the B.S.W., we also offer a minor in Social Work and a 4+1 B.S.W./M.S.W. program.

Per CSWE the B.S.W. Program does not give credit for past work/life experiences.


WCHP Common Curriculum Credits
BIO 104/104L – General Biology 4
BUEC 203 – Macroeconomics 3
ENG 110 – English Composition or ENG 122/123 – College Reading & Writing I/II 4–6
EXS 120 – Personal Health & Wellness 3
IHS 130 – Interprofessional Health Care First Year Experience 3
IHS 310 – Ethics for Interprofessional Practice 3
MAT 120 – Statistics or MAT150 – Statistics for Life Sciences 3
PSY 105 – Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 205 – Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 250 – Lifespan Development 3
SOC 150 – Introduction to Sociology 3
PUB 300 – Global Health 3
SPC 100 – Introduction to Speech 3
One (1) Creative Arts course (with ARH/ART/MUS prefix) 3
One (1) Explorations course 3
One (1) Social Global Awareness course 3
One (1) Advanced Studies course 3
One (1) Political Science course (with PSC prefix) 3
One (1) Human Behavior course (with PSY, SOC, ANT, WGST prefix) 3
Subtotal 59–61
Social Work Required Courses Credits
HWOS 341 – Health and Wellness in an Aging Society 3
SSW 200 – Introduction to Social Work 3
SSW 300 – Human Behavior and Social Work Theory I 3
SSW 310 – Social Welfare Policy and Advocacy I 3
SSW 320 – Human Behavior and Social Work Theory II 3
SSW 330 – Social Welfare Policy and Advocacy II 3
SSW 335 – Intro Soc Work Field Practicum 1
SSW 340 – Research Methods for Evidence-based Practice 3
SSW 350 – Ethics in Social Work Practice 3
SSW 400 – Social Work Methods I 3
SSW 410 – Field Practicum & Seminar I 6
SSW 425 - Understanding Substance Use Disorder 3
SSW 430 – Social Work Methods II 3
SSW 441 – SW Practicum/Seminar II 6
SSW 460 – Social Work Practice with Groups 3
Two (2) Social Work Elective Courses with SSW prefix 6
Two (2) General Elective Courses 6
Subtotal 61
Total Credits 120–122

For more information see the Academic Catalog or read the B.S.W. handbook (PDF).

Experiential Learning

You’ll take a cross-disciplinary approach as you gain practical experiences and participate in real-life community projects. At UNE, you don’t just study social work — you do social work.

Service Learning

You will participate in service-learning opportunities in the spring of your junior year. Service sites include:

  • Cumberland County Jail
  • Maine Minority Health Program
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Partners for World Health
  • Local Soup Kitchens

Field Internship

During your senior year, you will take part in a two-semester weekly field internship at a local social service organization where you will develop social work skills and gain critical real-world social work experience. Sites include:

  • Preble Street Resource Center
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Center for Grieving Children

Interprofessional Education Experiences

As a comprehensive health sciences university, UNE offers abundant opportunities to prepare for contemporary team-based care, utilizing clinical simulation, and an array of shared learning events.


The University of New England Bachelor of Social Work program is accredited through the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).