Morgan Dube stands smiling. She is holding her stethoscope around her neck

Morgan Dube '22

Physician Assistant (M.S.P.A.)

Experiential Education

What really drew me in about UNE is all of the opportunities for interprofessional learning. We are able to meet new people in all of the health professions and ultimately learn a lot more than just PA. Once I graduate, I know that I will be able to apply those experiences to my work because teamwork is so important in a health professions setting. In order to give patients the best care, you are always going to need to include other people in the work. The interprofessional opportunities at UNE are definitely my favorite part of the PA program. There are constantly more of these types of opportunities available, and it’s great.

We are working on things with 49 other students, so we have a great sense of teamwork, and everyone offers something unique. We will be working on teams in the future, so this type of practice now is great.

All of the students in my class have different backgrounds, which is really cool to experience. In each module that we have, we are learning different things, and there are certain people that are able to contribute their insights from past experiences in such useful ways. It enhances our learning experience and makes it so much more interesting and valuable.

Exceptional Teaching and Learning

We're in our cardio module right now, and learning how to read EKG is hard, but it’s really interesting and fun too. [Our professor] is super helpful. We were able to put EKGs on each other and get our own readings then interpret them, which I thought was really cool. One of the students in our lab was able to do a mock stress test with the EKG leads on while they were running on the treadmill too. It was a lot of fun to experience and learn.

I honestly can't say anything bad about UNE. UNE does a great job to adapt a lot and put our education first. I really feel like I am getting the best education here. I’m learning so much so fast. It’s really rewarding. I can’t wait for clinicals in second year! We do at least six different rotations and then have two where we can choose what we want to do for the specialty. You can find your own preceptor that is willing to take you on, so it’s flexible. I think that will help me decide exactly what I want to do after I graduate.