Headshot of U N E student Ryan White

Ryan White ’26

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Pre-Pharmacy


The class sizes are on the smaller side, so the professors know your name. They can help you out. Their office hours are always open for you. The learning experience is much better than a larger campus.

[We’ve already had some hand-on learning] where my peers and I made a mock pharmacy. And we just did what you would do in a retail pharmacy. We turned it into a competition to see who could fill the most prescriptions. We did it with little candies.

Once you get to the Pharmacy program, you get to experience the simulation lab, and you work with other medical professions on the Portland campus and interact with them to essentially make a healthcare team and practice your job in a healthcare field team.

Welcoming Community

The close-knit community allows you to interact with people around you a lot better. I already know people on the Portland campus, which is kind of crazy considering I'm never there.

The climate at UNE is very warm and welcoming. I don't think you could run into a person in a bad mood or just not wanting to help you. People are always willing to show you where you need to go and stuff like that.