Zoe Henderson stands smiling on the sand at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park

Zoe Henderson ’22

Elementary Education

I did my first semester of college at a large state school in Massachusetts. During my first semester, I felt lost. It was a very big school, and I felt like I was being treated like a number. I didn’t feel personally connected to my professors. No one really knew my name. After the first month or so, I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me, so I started looking at other schools. I had always known of UNE because I grew up vacationing in Old Orchard Beach with my family.

UNE felt comfortable and there is so much opportunity for global exploration and experience. Coming back after time away, professional staff and fellow students are like, “Oh my gosh, we missed you.” I don’t know any other college that welcomes you in like that. UNE embodies what I really want out of a school. It makes me my best self in every way possible. Also, I am able to be an athlete here and balance it with my academics, fieldwork, and research. I feel so well-rounded from my experience already. I am really grateful for my UNE community.

At UNE I always feel seen and heard, and I have never been spoken down to here because I am a student, because I am young, because I am female, or for any other reason. Even as a student athlete here, I have always been treated with so much respect, love, and kindness. UNE is a place full of people with passion for what they are doing. I am inspired by this place and its people.

Exceptional Teaching and Learning

I love the education program. All of the professors are amazing, and everyone has their own kind of niche, which is really cool. I've had classes with all of the professors and my [academic advisor]. My advisor is all about special education and innovation in the way of different kinds of learners. She has taught me a lot about adapting to students’ different learning needs. 

Another of my professors is all about technology, innovation, and global studies. She has taught me a lot about education here in the U.S. versus other parts of the world. Then another is such a humanitarian. She cares so much about people, equity, and welcoming different kinds of cultures. 

It’s so interesting to get diverse perspectives from my different professors.