About the Minor

The Special Education minor will help prepare students to support individuals of all abilities through hands-on experiences and up-to-date knowledge and instruction from the field of special education. Students will gain information on a wide variety of disabilities including high and low incidence disabilities. Students will be required to complete fieldwork hours in a classroom or other relevant setting in some courses and will be expected to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to their real-world settings. Courses cover a wide breadth of knowledge including disabilities in the general education classroom, psychology, disability studies, and hands-on strategies to teach skills.

Program Required CoursesCredits
OS 432 – Disability Studies and Inclusive Communities (formerly HWOS 432) or SPE 405 – Inclusive Methods and Data-Based Decision Marking3
SPE 220 – Exceptionality in the Classroom3
Total Credits6
Select four (4) of the following coursesCredits
Any SPE course3
ASL 101 – Introduction to American Sign Language3
EDU 465 – Educational Studies Internship3
EDU 486 – Site-Based Field Practicum3
OS 432 – Disability Studies and Inclusive Communities (formerly HWOS 432)3
PSY 105 – Introduction to Psychology3
Total Credits12
Minimum Total Required Credits18