Community Therapy Center

The Westbrook College of Health Professions' Community Therapy Center provides comprehensive therapeutic services to children with developmental/behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, and physical disabilities. Through its team of professional occupational therapists and physical therapists, the Center strives to improve clients' abilities to engage in daily life activities or occupations. As a UNE student pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy, you may participate in the work being done at the Center through job shadowing and fieldwork. These experiences enable you to see first-hand the benefits of an interprofessional approach to meeting clients' needs. 

Through Playgroup, UNE future health professionals learn about development, and toddlers learn through play

Motion Analysis Lab

The Motion Analysis Lab allows you to observe and measure human motion that cannot be observed with the naked eye, and to quantify the forces in the joints and neuromuscular and muscle systems.

The research you do in this technologically-advanced 1500-square-foot learning space allows you to apply the theoretical knowledge you gain in the classroom to projects investigating such crucial matters to your field as better understanding the laws of sports biomechanics, or the most effective approaches to ACL rehabilitation.


As D.P.T. student, you utilize our Clinical Simulation Program to apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom to realistic clinical situations before putting actual patients at risk.  

Guided by skilled instructors, you participate in simulations specifically designed to enhance your clinical aptitudes. Rather than just hearing about and reading about difficult or unusual cases, you experience them by treating our high fidelity patient simulators and patient actors in scenarios that mimic real life. 

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