Service Learning Liaison Opportunity

The Service Learning Student Liaison (SL Liaison) serves in a support role to the office in terms of marketing and outreach to students within their program of study. There is often a fall luncheon to introduce SL Liaisons to one another and brainstorm about the year and how we can work together to get more students engaged. The main responsibility of the SL Liaison is to notify students within their program of study when opportunities become available. They can make announcements in class, post on social media, send emails, or any other effective mode of communication. They also collect names of students interested in volunteering and either enter them into a shared student learning Google document, or email them to the director. Throughout the year, when service learning opportunities arise they will be shared directly with the liaisons to them pass along to their classmates. There is no obligation for the SL Liaison to participate in anything that is sent.
Some programs have elections for these positions, while other programs let students self-identify. Please contact the Service Learning Director if you are interested in this position for your program.