Work With Us

Whether you come from the field of business, research, education, or policy, UNE North can connect you with the information, data, resources, and people you need to develop the most effective and creative solutions to the region’s health, social, environmental, and economic challenges.

What can we do for you?

  • Connect you with UNE’s researchers to help move your product from concept to market.
  • Help align your business’s work and mission with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Connect you with UNE North’s network of sustainable development-minded business leaders and policymakers who can help grow and support your business. 

Researchers and Scientists
  • Connect you with researchers throughout our network. 
  • Guide the development of collaborative and interdisciplinary project proposals.
  • Gather interdisciplinary groups of stakeholders to build teams around big projects. 
  • Distribute your research findings.
  • Deliver policy briefs of relevant applied UNE research.
  • Provide access to UNE researchers and resources to help inform policymaking.
  • Introduce you to organizations and institutions throughout the region.
  • Connect you with UNE faculty, professional staff, and students on issues of leadership and sustainable development. 
  • Provide training in sustainable development leadership across disciplines and programs.
  • Connect you with research projects and potential internships.
  • Identify opportunities for you to connect with peers across the North Atlantic.
  • Work with you to develop and deliver sustainable development training for faculty, professional, graduate and undergraduate students. 
  • Provide resources to support the inclusion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals across disciplines and colleges. 
  • Create programming to complement courses across the curriculum. 

Our partners

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