UNE NORTH cultivates relationships that begin with shared issues, problems, and challenges and matches complementary strengths that lead to strategic partnerships. We have developed partnership principles that allow for collective as well as individual relationships to build trust, allowing UNE NORTH and its strategic project partners to develop together clear understanding of our relationships, and to develop very clear roadmaps for our partners to engage with us in joint problem definition, formulation, funding, implementation, and evaluation. At UNE NORTH we believe that true strategic partnerships both support and outlive any single project. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you, to learn and create together.

Leadership & Partnership

Industry & Business: Collaborate on solutions to the region's economic, environmental, social, and health challenges via partnerships, technology transfer, and commercialization.

Research: Enrich participatory and translational research through innovative and collaborative projects and technology transfer.

Education: Prepare sustainability leaders via solutions-based learning, entrepreneurism training, and internships with business partners.

Community: Convene indigenous, Maine, national, and international stakeholders to define shared opportunities and challenges.

Leadership and Partnership chart

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