Our Chemistry and Physics programs examine the fundamental sciences that impact every aspect of our lives. In pursuit of solutions to real-world problems, we study matter’s chemical and physical properties, the changes it undergoes, and the energy changes that accompany those processes.

Degree Programs


Testimonial Place Holder

The increasing variety of classes means that I can create my own personalized education experience within the department’s framework. In addition, I receive very generous support from them in terms of funding my research and getting recommendations.


Green Chemistry Commitment

UNE is the first institution in Northern New England to adopt the Green Chemistry Commitment (GCC) — joining a consortium of approximately 40 other institutions of higher education nationwide which will share resources toward meeting common student learning objectives that are endorsed by leaders in the chemical industry.

One-of-a-Kind Location

As a student in one of our Chemistry and Physics programs, you study on UNE's scenic Biddeford Campus, where the waters of the Saco River flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, this confluence of natural resources has inspired students and faculty from around the world. Recently named the youngest city in Maine, Biddeford and its twin city, Saco, boast an up-and-coming, hip downtown offering delicious eateries, exciting social and cultural events, and more. With the transformation of the old Biddeford/Saco mills into restaurants, breweries, housing, fitness facilities, salons, and retailers, there is something for everyone to explore in downtown. Looking to try a new type of food, grab a coffee, or shop for locally-made clothes? Biddeford/Saco has it all.

Hidden Gem

College matching site College Raptor inc. named UNE a Hidden Gem for Women in STEM. The ranking highlights UNE as being dedicated to encouraging young women in the pursuit of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degrees.

UNE ranked among the top five schools in the country.

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