While we offer the resources and facilities of a large university, our campuses still maintain a small-college vibe, and we make it a point to get to know every student as an individual. That may be why UNE has such a uniquely caring and inclusive culture. No one slips through the cracks here.

We know it’s a lot easier to succeed academically when you feel like you’re an integral part of a supportive community, eating and sleeping well, knowing where to get help when you have a problem, and most importantly, socializing and having fun, with opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and entertainment.  

Our goal is to make sure that every student feels completely at home at UNE — safe, empowered, and supported in every way: academically, personally, and socially.

A day in the life

Offices and Services


Hannah St. Germain

"My favorite thing about [UNE} is the community in the sense that it gives people the ability to be themselves, it’s very genuine and authentic. Coming to UNE was a breath of fresh air. I thought, 'Wow, I can be myself.' It’s a very positive environment. People want me to succeed here." Hannah St. Germain, Neuroscience '21

Justin St. Peter

"When I toured UNE, I just felt at home. There were so many things about it that I loved. The campus is beautiful, the location is great, and it was just a feeling I had when I walked around. UNE ticks all the boxes." Justin St. Peter, Applied Exercise Science ‘19

Dani Trepaney

When I came for my tour, it was rainy and gross out, but walking around campus — I just fit in. It felt right to me. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else more highly. The UNE community is accepting. We are all here to help each other out, no matter what program we are in." Dani Trepaney, Occupational Therapy ‘20

Ali Ross

"I decided immediately that if I got accepted, I would come to UNE. I had no question about it. The people at UNE are the kindest people. I could tell right away that it was a place I wanted to be. I knew that they cared about why I was interested in coming here and would be invested in my learning." Ali Ross, Occupational Therapy '20