Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences

Here you will find a community of learners, educators, and scholars sharing a deep commitment to the pursuit of knowledge within a career-orientated framework. Our goal is to ensure that you are prepared for a lifetime of continued learning, professional success, and civic engagement. We offer more than 35 majors and 35 minors in the arts, business, education, humanities, and natural and social sciences in addition to our three graduate programs. Students in CAS have choices! 

Even more importantly, if you are not ready to declare a major or are unsure of your decision, the faculty in CAS are here to assist you in creating the pathway toward completing your college degree. As a CAS student, you learn to evaluate new discoveries through the scientific method while emphasizing history’s lessons, to manage information and to work collaboratively with others, and to apply ethics in decision-making and develop an aesthetic appreciation for the world in which you live. And you do all of this while preparing for meaningful employment and responsible social action. Students in CAS are tomorrow’s leaders!

CAS faculty have earned prestigious academic credentials, received distinguished honors, and been presented with impressive awards. They come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of academic and professional experiences. Our faculty are passionate educators who invest their time and energy in assuring a quality experience for you. They balance traditional learning models with innovative pedagogies. They teach in traditional classrooms and labs, as well as in the field. They instruct classes and they guide you through independent research projects. They hold their classes and conduct their scholarship on campus, and literally, around the world. Most notably, CAS faculty are your caring mentors and advisors. Students in CAS are engaged!

Because we are preparing you for opportunities that may not yet exist, this is a generation that must be flexible — you must be ready to adapt and adjust to an ever-changing world. From internships to study abroad to faculty-guided research, our innovative and experiential programs of study equip you not only for immediate career success in this dynamic environment but also for graduate school admission, including at UNE. Our alumni regularly enroll in law school, medical school, MBA, and other graduate programs. CAS students are poised for success! 

I am proud to be the dean of such a rich and vibrant academic community and I invite you to join us. Visit the campus, visit the college, and let us show you the impact a UNE education could have on your future. And please feel free to stop by the dean's office when you are here — I will be most pleased to meet you.

My very best,
Jonathan Millen, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor of Communication