CIT 400

As a requirement of graduation from UNE’s College of Arts and Sciences, students must take a Senior Citizenship Seminar, a capstone experience of the Core Curriculum. Each semester, approximately 180 UNE seniors are enrolled in the seminar and are required to contribute at least 15 hours to community service. 

This seminar reunites students from many academic majors and gives them the opportunity to reflect on their previous years of study in light of their duties and responsibilities as citizen members of a larger society.

The experience directs the student's attention both outward with a civic contribution and inward with reflection. It is intended to assist the student in making a bridge between college years and post-college life.

The seminar meets every other week for one semester during a student's senior year. During that semester the student actively participates in small group seminars via discussions, readings, reflections, written assignments and attendance at two Civic Engagement Presentations.

Global Citizenship 

Students also have the option of completing a Global Citizenship Seminar. This one-credit course is designed to help students reflect on their professional and personal development as college students, and how their education and experiences can be applied to duties and responsibilities as members of a larger global society.