College Community Mentoring Program

UNE's College Community Mentoring Program (CCMP) is a volunteer mentoring program that seeks to engage UNE students in the community by serving as consistent, reliable adult role models for local children and teens. The program recruits, trains and matches UNE students with public school students to work on academics and college aspirations. UNE students commit to working one-on-one with a youth for at least one hour a week throughout the entire school year.

Mentors build a structured and trusting relationship with their mentees by offering guidance, support, encouragement, and academic assistance. Through the CCMP mentoring relationship, UNE mentors help young people develop into confident, competent and contributing members of society. In turn, student-mentors strengthen their dedication to the community and thoughtfully enhance their college experience. CCMP currently provides about 70 mentors who work with more than 125 local youth.

School Sites

Biddeford Head Start

Head Start is a federally-funded comprehensive school readiness program for children ages infancy through five and their families. The program works to enhance children’s self esteem and school readiness skills, and to support parents as the primary teachers of their children. At this site, UNE mentors are placed in a classroom and assist Head Start teachers in facilitating classroom activities and games.

Biddeford Primary School

At Biddeford Primary School, staff and students help each other attain the knowledge, values and skills necessary to be productive members of the community. Become a mentor at BPS and provide one-on-one support and academic assistance for a child in grades one through three.

Biddeford Intermediate School

The mission of Biddeford Intermediate School is to support a cooperative community of learners that fosters positive, respectful and child-centered learning, promoting the acquisition of knowledge and independent learning. UNE mentors placed at Biddeford Intermediate School work one-on-one and in small groups with students in grades four and five who are in need of additional academic or social support.

Alternative Education Program at Biddeford Middle School

The Alternative Education program at Biddeford Middle School works with students who could benefit from added academic assistance and non-traditional educational approaches. As a team mentor, you would work with students one-on-one or in a group setting on assignments and/or projects.

Biddeford Middle School

BMS staff work to create a global picture of a student at risk of academic failure or having social problems that interfere with classroom conduct. You would work one-to-one with a student in need of academic and social guidance.

Kennebunkport Consolidated School

The Consolidated School of Kennebunkport is an elementary school focused on creating a sense of community and self-worth within each of their students. As a mentor in this nurturing environment, you would work one-on-one with a student in need of individual attention and additional academic, emotional or social support.

Sea Road School of Kennebunk

Sea Road School houses 280 students in grades four and five and focuses on creating a sense of community and self-worth within each student. As a mentor in this nurturing environment, you would work one-on-one with a student in need of individual attention and additional academic, emotional or social support.

Middle School of the Kennebunks

UNE mentors at the Middle School of the Kennebunks work with either the Homework Help program or the Creative Resource Center. The Homework Help program takes place after school (2:00-3:50 p.m.) and provides MSK students with the opportunity to catch up on missing or difficult assignments. The Creative Resource Center is a classroom designed to support students who are struggling to meet the expectations of a rigorous academic environment. Support services are offered primarily in the form of small group-guided study halls to help students stay organized, prepared and motivated to meet their goals.

Jameson School, Old Orchard Beach

Jameson Elementary School serves grades pre-kindergarten through grade three. Their educators work in teams called professional learning communities, or PLCs, to achieve this purpose. These PLCs work collaboratively to achieve better results for the students they serve. As a mentor, you may be working one-on-one with a youth or with a small group of students.

Northern York County YMCA 

Mentors at the YMCA begin at each school's dismissal time (usually between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.) and end at 6:00 p.m. The daily schedule includes snack time, structured activities, homework help and outside/active free time. Programs are rooted in the core values of the YMCA—caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Prospective Sites

CCMP is steadily expanding and always interested in new mentoring opportunities. Depending on your own program’s needs, mentors can assist in a number of ways. The most common activities CCMP mentors participate in are homework help and recreation and cultural activities. Most importantly, mentors are able to provide children with consistent support and a positive role model. If your school or program is interested in having UNE mentors volunteer at your site, please contact:

Danielle A. Mack,  Coordinator
College Community Mentoring
Office of Citizenship and Civic Engagement
Decary Hall 321