Professor Emeritus of Biology and Environmental Science

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Decary Hall

Dr. Lemons received his Ph.D in zoology and physiology from the University of Wyoming in 1975. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles; edited eight books; served as Editor-in-Chief of "The Environmental Professional," the official journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals; served as environmental science book series editor for Blackwell Science, Inc., and has directed numerous grants and international projects. In addition to being the recipient of various research awards and fellowships, John received the Career Distinguished Research... Read More


Global climate change

nuclear waste disposal

national park policy

environmental ethics

scientific uncertainty and public policy

Kristin Linder

Assistant Lecturer

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Decary Hall 317

Joining the Department of Business in 2015, Kristin teaches a variety of courses across the Communication program, with special emphasis on new and digital media. She is currently pursuing a research focus centered on social media and digital games, investigating reciprocity and altruistic behavior across social media networks, as well as the rise of social games and social media play as it intersects with issues of gender, sexuality and the video game industry. Kristin earned her BA in Speech Communication at Pennsylvania State University,... Read More


Social Media

digital media

communication studies

patricia long

Clinical Professor & Chair, Department of Psychology

Affiliated Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies

(207) 602-2099

Decary Hall

Trish Long joined UNE in 2014 as Clinical Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department.  Her area of specialization is Clinical Psychology and her interests span the issues of sexual victimization, abnormal psychology, psychological research & statistical methods, and gender issues.  Dr. Long’s research investigates both the factors associated with the perpetration of rape and sexual assault and the mental health issues experienced by survivors of sexual victimization.   She invites students who are interested in participating in research on these... Read More


Clinical Psychology

Psychological Research & Statistical Methods

Psychology of Gender

Sexual Victimization

Julie Longua Peterson, Ph.D.

Program Director, Women's and Gender Studies

Associate Professor of Psychology

Decary Hall
On Sabbatical From: Fall 2017 to Spring 2018

Julie Longua Peterson is an Associate Professor of psychology at the University of New England and the principal investigator of the Self and Close Relationships Lab.  Her program of research investigates the ways in which explicit (conscious, controlled) and implicit (unconscious, automatic) self and relationship processes influence how people navigate the ups and downs of daily life (e.g., acceptance, rejection).  Julie's courses include Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methods, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, and a seminar in Self... Read More


Explicit and Implicit self-esteem; self-regulation; the role of the self in close relationships (e.g.

romantic relationships)

Jennifer R. Lussier

Senior Lecturer, Biology Dept.

PA/DPT Gross Anatomy Lab Coordinator/Instructor

(207) 602-2537

Decary Hall

Jennifer started working at UNE in 2002, and teaches the gross anatomy labs for the PA and DPT graduate students, as well as A&P and Intro BIO for the undergradutates.  She grew up in central Maine, graduated from Foxcroft Academy, went to Stonehill College for Biology, and studied Anatomy & Cell Biology at the UMDNJ-Graduate School Biomedical Sciences, Newark, NJ. Read More


Gross anatomy

cadaveric dissection and dissection techniques for prosections.

Anouar Majid

Vice President for Global Affairs; Managing Director of UNE Morocco; Founding Director of the Center for Global Humanities, Founding Director of the Tangier Global Forum; Professor of English

(207) 221-4447

Proctor Hall

Anouar Majid is Vice President for Global Affairs, founding director of the Center for Global Humanities (Maine, USA) and the Tangier Global Forum (Morocco), and founding chair of the Department of English, which he headed from 2000 to 2009. He conceived and established UNE's campus in Tangier and is the managing director of UNE's operations in Morocco. Majid has published widely on relations between Islam and the West. He is the author of Islam and America:  Building a Future Without Prejudice (Rowman &... Read More

Carol Marcotte

Associate Lecturer

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Decary Hall

Dr. Carol Marcotte completed her doctorate in School Administration & Supervision at Berne University International Graduate School in St. Kitts, West Indies. Her primary specialty areas include educational leadership and literacy instruction.

Carol’s education career started as a regular classroom and special education teacher. Multi-age and looping schedules were part of her classroom expertise as well as being a resource room teacher.  Being passionate about school improvement and cultivating teacher leaders, she was a principal for 8 years.... Read More


Educational leadership

curriculum development


PK-12 School Administration

Professional Development

Adult Learning Theory

School Improvement

Adjunct Professor in Music

(207) 450-7850

Decary Hall

Deirdre McClure (M.M, D.M.A.,Conducting, Peabody Conservatory of Music, B.A., Piano, Macalester College) teaches Music in Film and Animation and Music Appreciation at the University of New England. She has worked with many orchestras, opera companies, and chamber ensembles in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Oakland Opera Theater, where she has been Music Director and Conductor since 2001. Oakland Opera Theater produces orchestral productions of significant 20th and 21st Century works, including works of composers such as Benjamin Britten,... Read More

faculty photo

Assistant Lecturer

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Decary Hall

Dr. Nicole McCray is an assistant lecturer in the psychology department. She is a Developmental Psychologist with a research emphasis on infant and early childhood psychosocial development. Dr. McCray is currently teaching Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development, and Human Learning.Read More


Developmental Psychology

Susan McHugh

Professor of English, Chair

(207) 602-2615

Marcil Hall

Susan McHugh teaches courses in writing, literary theory, and animal studies.  She is the author of Animal Stories: Narrating across Species Lines (2011), a volume in the University of Minnesota Press's Posthumanities series, as well as Dog (2004), a volume in Reaktion Books' groundbreaking Animal series. With colleagues in the UK, she co-edited The Routledge Handbook of Human-Animal Studies (2014) and Literary Animals Look (2013), a special issue of Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture.  Additionally, she has published dozens of essays in edited... Read More


Chair, Department of Society, Culture and Languages


Academic Coordinator, Office of Citizenship and Civic Engagement

(207) 602-2327

Decary Hall

Dr. McReynolds is a Professor of Sociology, Chair of the Department of Society, Culture and Language, and the Academic Coordinator of the Office of Citizenship and Civic Engagement. He has a doctorate from Cornell University, a MA from the University of Vermont, and a BA from the Univesity of Virginia. He has been at UNE for 24 years and has taught a variety of courses and has been engaged in a wide range of scholarship. He has raised over $500,000... Read More



developmental sociology

Latin American Studies

civic engagement and citizenship

community development

environmental sociology


and societies of the future through science fiction.

Ian Meng

Professor, Physiology

Director, Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) for the Study of Pain and Sensory Function

(207) 602-2195

Stella Maris

Dr. Ian Meng received his ScB and PhD in Neuroscience at Brown University.  Following completion of his PhD, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Howard Fields in the Department of Neurology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), studying the brain circuits mediating the analgesic properties of cannabinoids.  Dr. Meng joined the University of New England (UNE) in 2003 where he is currently a professor of Biomedical Sciences, Director of the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences (CEN),... Read More


ocular pain



chronic pain

acute pain

Jesse Miller

Visiting Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2871

Marcil Hall

Bienvenue! I began teaching writing courses at UNE in 2008; I am now a Visiting Assistant Lecturer in English. I teach Creative Writing and first-year writing courses. I am the author of two novels including Unwrap Your Candy and ARK from Common Deer Press. I live in the great city of Portland, Maine with my wife, two cats, and dog. I root for the Red Sox. Go Sox!... Read More


Creative writing

Fiction Writing

First-Year Writing

Developmental Writing

Writing Tutoring

Digital Humanities

Zach Miller-Hope

Assistant Director for Education |​ UNE NORTH

Assistant Lecturer |​ Department of Biology and Marine Science

(207) 221-4149

I am interested in aquaculture for food, aquaculture for conservation, and the ever-evolving interplay between wild-caught fisheries and aquaculture as they contribute to global food systems. I see aquaculture as a solution for protecting our wild fish stocks as well as a sustainable way to feed the growing human population. We culture a wide range of species at UNE and I’m actively involved in the training of undergraduate students in the husbandry of aquatic organisms in marine ornamentals, corals, shellfish... Read More



Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

water quality

Food Systems

Marine Biology


Amita Mittal

Senior Lecturer

(207) 602-2433

Decary Hall


Data analysis using a variety of softwares including SAS




MINITAB; teaching statistics with new innovative methods including use of technology.

R software


Visiting Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2464

Decary Hall

Ashley Moore is a Visiting Assistant Lecturer of Psychology at the University of New England. She teaches courses primarily required for psychology majors, but that students in many other majors and minors take as well.  These courses include Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan Development in Context, Theories of Personality, and Community Psychology.  She is also currently acting as the interim Psychology Internship instructor.  Ashley’s graduate studies in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine focused on the clinical application of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine... Read More


Mental Health Counseling

Behavioral Medicine

Pam Morgan

Professor, Department of Environmental Studies

(207) 602-2227

Decary Hall

I have taught a variety of courses at UNE, including Conservation and Preservation, Conservation Field Skills, Wetland Conservation and Ecology, Wetland Restoration: Science and Policy, Ecological Monitoring, Plant Systematics and Conservation, Women and the Environment, Introduction to Environmental Issues and others. My approach to teaching is to help students learn by doing.  We do many projects in local habitats and local communities, as well as projects right here on campus. 

Being right on the coast of Maine offers amazing opportunities... Read More


Salt Marsh Conservation

Salt Marsh Restoration

Salt Marsh Ecology

Wetland Conservation

Wetland Restoration

Wetland Ecology

Conservation and Preservation

Environmental Education


(207) 602-2108

Marcil Hall


Dr. Morrison's research interests include Thoreau


and environmental philosophy. He speaks to various groups about health care ethics

especially euthanasia

stem cell research

the Terri Schiavo case

and legal

social and ethical implications

Linda Morrison

Associate Professor of Psychology

Mental Health Rehabilitation Certification Program Coordinator

Women's and Gender Studies Program

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

(207) 602-2865

Decary Hall

Dr. Linda L. Morrison joined the faculty in the Psychology Department at UNE in 1995.  She has served as the Assistant Chair and Chair of the Department as well as her current service as the Program Coordinator of the MHRT/C minor program.  She is a founding faculty member of the Women's and Gender Studies Program and has served on a variety of faculty committees including the University Faculty Assembly, Core Curriculum Assessment, and Multicultural Affairs committees.  

Dr. Morrison has a... Read More


Violence Prevention

Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Gender Issues

LGBT Awareness

Multicultural Awareness