Jeffrey Parmelee

Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2275

Morgane Hall

I currently teach Anatomy & Physiology, but am an evolutionary biologist/ecologist by training.  I am primarily interested in reptiles and amphibians, but have broad interests in all vertebrates and natural history as a whole from fungi to plants to insects.  Read More



Anatomy & Physiology

evolutionary biology

community & population ecology

tropical biology

Christina Perazio

Assistant Lecturer, Animal Behavior Major

(207) 602-2785

Decary Hall

As an assistant lecturer in the Psychology department at UNE, I teach courses for students enrolled in all 3 of our majors, with a focus on courses for the animal behavior major. These courses include animal cognition, comparative animal behavior, introduction to methods and techniques in animal behavior, psychology statistics and research methods, and introduction to psychology. My graduate studies in experimental psychology focused on the association between sound and behavior... Read More


animal communication

cetacean social behavior and communication

acoustic communication

interaction of sound and behavior

humpback whale song

Noah Perlut, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies

Associate Professor

(207) 602-2778

Decary Hall

Perlut Lab WebsiteRead More



grassland birds


breeding systems


conservation biology

animal behavior



life-history strategies

Alicia Peters

Associate Professor of Anthropology

(207) 602-2236

Decary Hall

Alicia Peters is associate professor of anthropology and affiliated faculty in the Women's and Gender Studies Program. Her teaching interests include cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, ethnographic methods, human trafficking, and critical perspectives on gender and sexuality. Professor Peters' research examines how cultural understandings of gender and sexuality influence conceptions of human trafficking and the implementation of U.S. anti-trafficking law and policy. She is the author of the book, ... Read More


Cultural anthropology; medical anthropology; ethnographic methods; gender



and human rights; law


and policy; human trafficking

Richard Peterson

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Environmental Studies

(207) 602-2862

Decary Hall

As a teacher, I seek to create opportunities for students to actively engage in their own learning, through active discussion and debate in the classroom and by getting their hands dirty in the field, whether though volunteering on an organic farm, touring the local incinerator and seeing where their garbage goes, helping out at local food shelters, taking part in a work weekend at an Eco-village, or working with community organizations in Kenya to combat soil erosion. I have spent... Read More


Ecological anthropology

indigenous ecological knowledge systems

African environmental ethics

community-based conservation

qualitative research methods

Central and East Africa

Mila Plavsic

Research Associate

Visiting Lecturer

(207) 602-2626

Decary Hall

My primary research interests are anthropogenic ecosystem disturbance and international conservation policy.  In addition to policy work in Washington, DC and the Northeast, my fieldwork has taken me to Kenya, Madagascar, Botswana, and the Dominican Republic. I investigate the impacts of invasive species, fire, timber harvest, and climate change on community diversity over time (with small mammals and birds as study systems) and the policy implications of those impacts.  I am interested in how science is applied and conservation achieved... Read More


conservation biology

population ecology

international environmental policy

fire ecology

global change biology

science/policy interface


southern Africa

Glenn Powell


Assistant Lecturer, Business

I have a background in law and business.  I have worked for large corporations and small law firms. I encourage students to analyze and think about complex business and legal concepts.  I started teaching in 2007 and enjoy discussing a variety of business topics with students.Read More


Business Law


Associate Professor

(207) 602-2421

Decary Hall

On sabbatical Fall 2018.Read More


Scientific computing

matrix models

software and technology

mathematics education

Sean Ramey


(207) 602-2292

Marcil Hall

Sean Ramey was born in Lewiston, Maine. He graduated from Edward Little High School in Auburn, Maine.  Sean received a BA from Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia and an MFA from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. A member of the Actor's Equity Association, Sean has performed at many of the fine regional theatres across the US. He now lives in Auburn once again with his lovely wife, Catherine, and their son, James.Read More


Classical Drama

Comedia Del Arte

Contemporary American Theatre

Public Speaking

Jill Tenny

Assistant Lecturer, Physics

(207) 602-2040

Morgane Hall

Ms. Tenny teaches introductory physics in a studio setting following the internationally recognized and research supported modeling method.  In the classroom, her goal is to foster critical thinking and problem solving skills, including analyzing scenarios, making reasonable assumptions, and finding solutions to problems.  She also strives to help her students see connections between what is covered in the classroom and their everyday experiences.  She co-advises the Chemistry Club and is a professional physics tutor in the Student Academic Support Center.... Read More


Physics Education

Physics Modeling

Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences (IPLS)

Physics Education Research (PER)

Kent Redman

Adjunct Research Professor


Conservation biology; conservation practice; protected areas; neotropical mammals; subsistence hunting; evaluation of conservation effectiveness; synthetic biology and conservation

Timothy Robbins

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry

(207) 602-2559

Morgane Hall

Dr. Robbins is part of the general chemistry instructional group, teaching both the lab and lecture. He also teaches courses in physical chemistry and surveys in chemistry and physics for allied health and occupational therapy students. As an instructor, Dr. Robbins focuses on developing students' conceptual understanding and improving their problem solving and critical thinking skills both inside and outside the classroom.Read More


Physical chemistry

Molecular Dynamics simulations

Nucleic Acids

Wendy Roberts

Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2587

Marcil Hall

Courses recently taught:  Cancer Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology and Anatomy and Physiology.Read More


tumor immunology



Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2483

Decary Hall


James B. Roche teaches American Law & Politics

Constitutional Law

Business Law

Introduction to Law

Trial Advocacy

U.S. Congress

the U.S. Supreme Court and Healthcare Law & Policy at both the Biddeford and Portland campuses. He also continues to prac

Ursula Röse

Associate Professor

(207) 602-2417

Morgane Hall


Chemical Ecology; plant-insect and plant-microbe interactions; multitrophic interactions; plant volatile organic compounds (VOC); terpenes; plant defenses; induced compounds in algae.

Andy Rosen


Adjunct Instructor

(207) 602-2626

Creative and Fine Arts Building

Whether wandering the suburban back country or floating/surfing in the less than tropical waters  of Maine, Rosen follows in the rural art tradition of  artist  as investigator of the landscape.  His artwork reflects these adventures and is also an extension of his reverence for the toys and models of his childhood that he would break, set fire to and pit in dramas in the woods near his home.Read More

Andrew Rotondo

Assistant Lecturer

(207) 602-2140

Marcil Hall

Andrew Rotondo is Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy. He joined the department in the fall of 2012 after receiving his PhD from Brown University. His primary areas of research are epistemology and ethics, but he has wide ranging philososphical interests.

 Read More