Fourth Year: Citizenship and Civic Engagement

During your fourth year at UNE, the Core curriculum involves you in an interdisciplinary seminar and a civic activity. Together, these experiences prepare you to be a difference-maker in the world, your community and your profession. The seminar provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your responsibilities as a member of society beyond the UNE campus. You reflect on what you have accomplished over the past four years and make a civic contribution through performing at least fifteen hours of community service.

You choose from more than 700 community organizations that offer opportunities for you to provide service to populations that include children, the elderly, the homeless, victims of domestic abuse, veterans and people with disabilities.

If your interests include travel, Global Citizenship courses enable you to broaden your understanding of what it means to be part of the world beyond the local community. These faculty-led courses typically involve one or two week trips to perform civic work with partners in host countries like Brazil, Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Dominica.

This fourth year theme helps you create a bridge between your college years and your post-college life as an involved citizen of your community and world. As you think critically about your personal and public responsibilities, you come to better appreciate the difference between making a living and making a life.

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