As you prepare to enter a workplace that is more global, mobile and interconnected than at any previous time in human history, the Core curriculum challenges you to think critically about the issues facing diverse populations around the world.

Whether your future career will require you to travel internationally or will require you to interact with immigrant populations, you will need to possess cultural sensitivity to be successful. This year’s experiences and coursework empower you with a global mindset.   

You gain knowledge of the political, literary, philosophical, and cultural traditions that have shaped our world. You learn to use methods of the social and behavioral sciences to interpret human interactions in different contexts. Ultimately, you emerge with a deeper understanding of your place in the world.  

Learn more about the Core curriculum’s second year experiences and coursework.

Student Testimonials

Alexander Maroun '15
Medical Biology

“I took Poverty in America as my SGA requirement. I was fascinated to learn about poverty and its overall impact on the health care system. We discussed causes of poverty and approaches that can be taken by the government to alleviate poverty by looking at job production and educational opportunities.”

Tanya Butts '15  
Social and Cultural Studies

“I took Sociology of Aging and that class opened my eyes to an entire population of people who are marginalized, silenced and discriminated against. This class gave me a newfound respect for older adults and the tools to recognize when they are not being treated like equal members of society.”

Kaylee Doyle '16

“As both an Education major and Art Therapy minor, I have found the course Lifespan Development to not only be interesting but applicable for both fields. The course provides a wide range of information that I have found relevant in terms of wanting to teach younger students. Understanding their development will provide me with a set of skills that will allow me to approach my future career with the knowledge to succeed!”