After learning about various environmental, societal and global problems during your first two years of experiences and coursework in the Core curriculum, you spend your third year applying the expertise you are gaining in your major to these areas of common concern.  

Weaving together the different methodologies and skills you have gained and thinking critically about the responsibilities as well as opportunities facing professionals in your field, you embrace the role of problem solver. Along the way, you develop the multidisciplinary perspective that you will need to be a leader in your field.  

The world’s problems are as many as they are complex and the greater the breadth of working knowledge you possess the more effective you will be at solving them. In this third year at UNE, you take a crucial step in this direction. 

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Student Testimonials

Megan Godfrey '15
Animal Behavior

“My Critical Thinking course allowed me to use the skills I gained throughout my four years and put them to use by designing and carrying out my own research project.”

Paige LaPointe '15
Medical Biology

“In Cell and Molecular Biology the exams required us to not just repeat back the material but to integrate and apply what we learned in a real-life situation. It was difficult, but I retained the information so much better.” 

Benjamin Katz '17

“Research Methods has provided me with the ability to critically analyze and evaluate claims made in everyday life in order to come to a sound judgment based on evidence and not simply intuition or other non-scientific ways of knowing.”