A student with a major in another program may minor in Data Science with the approval of the Academic Director.

Students wishing to declare a Data Science minor should complete a course plan in consultation with a Mathematical Sciences faculty member.

Students may earn a Minor in Data Science by completing the following:

Program Required CoursesCredits
DSC 130 – Exploring Data3
DSC 225 – Programming I or MAT 225 – Computer Programming w/MATLAB3
DSC 260 – Data Visualization3
DSC 344 – Machine Learning3
MAT 120 – Statistics or MAT 150 – Statistics for Life Sciences3
One (1) Program Specific Elective3–4
Minimum Total Required Credits18
Program Specific ElectivesCredits
DSC 205 – Introduction to Data Analysis and Modeling3
DSC 301 – Introduction to Database Design/SQL3
DSC 410 – Data Mining3
DSC 420 – Predictive Modeling3
DSC 490 – Topics in Data Science3
GIS 364 – Spatial Data Analysis3