A student with a major in another program may minor in Data Science with the approval of the academic director. A minimum of 18 hours of approved course credit is required.

Students wishing to declare a Data Science minor should complete a course plan in consultation with a Mathematical Sciences faculty member.

Students may earn a Minor in Data Science by completing 18-19 credits in the following:

Required Courses Credits
DSC 130 - Exploring Data 3
DSC 225 - Programming I or MAT 225 - Computer Programming w/ MATLAB 3
DSC 260 - Data Visualization 3
DSC 344 - Machine Learning 3
MAT 120 - Statistics or MAT 150 - Statistics for Life Sciences 3
Elective Credits* 3–4

*Select at least one course from among DSC 205, DSC 301, DSC 410, DSC 420, DSC 490, and GIS 364.

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