About the Honors Distinction

The Interprofessional Education Honors Distinction recognizes sustained effort on the part of students committed to interprofessional education and practice.

You must apply for the distinction and fulfill the necessary requirements described below. If fulfilled, you will receive a Distinction Certificate and a nationally recognized digital badge (recognition varies by academic program, see your faculty mentor for specific details). The Honors Distinction is considered recognition of high academic achievement at the University of New England and will be an asset when beginning your careers.

Honors Distinction Components

Attend Four Events

You must attend at least four interprofessional events (required number of events can vary by academic program, see your faculty mentor for specific details).

Write Four Event Reflections

You must write a one-page reflection about each of the four events attended (i.e., four one-page reflections total). Each reflection should address one or more of the CECE competencies — roles and responsibilities; communication; teamwork; and values and ethics.

Complete an Interprofessional Project and Presentation

You must complete an interprofessional project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. You should meet with prospective faculty mentors about your project ideas. Qualifying projects may include participation in the Team Immersion (IPTI), the IP Student Group, a Service Learning project, a student-led Mini-Grant project, or another approved project.

To qualify, you must be working on the project with other students from at least one health profession outside your own. In addition, you must present the results of your projects in some public form. A poster presentation event is typically held at the semester’s close — check the events listing — during which you may choose to present your project.

Complete a Portfolio

Once the above-listed components are completed, you must collect all of the associated documents into an online portfolio (a template for this portfolio will be provided). You will retain access to your portfolio upon graduation and entry into the job market, so that it can be used as a professional asset and evidence of substantial interprofessional experience.

Download a complete description of the honors distinction and components (PDF)

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