About Faculty Mentors

Faculty mentors provide guidance for students throughout the IP Honors process. Faculty mentors are also required for Mini-Grant team projects. If you are a student looking for an interprofessional faculty mentor, browse the faculty members listed below and make contact with a polite inquiry of interest. If you are a faculty member interested in becoming a mentor, email the Center to Advance Interprofessional Education and Practice at caiep@une.edu.

Faculty Mentors by Program

Applied Nutrition

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Grace Violette, M.S., R.D., L.D.
gviolette1@une.edu | (207) 221-4631

Dental Hygiene

Dental Medicine

Headshot of Albert Abena
Associate Dean for Community Partnerships
Interim Associate Dean of Clinical Education and Patient Care
Clinical Professor
Eileen Dunfey
Associate Clinical Professor
Intraprofessional Education Coordinator for Dental Medicine and Dental Hygiene Students
Mohamed ElSalhy
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Associate Clinical Professor
Research Coordinator
Elizabeth Franco
Associate Clinical Professor
tessie stansbury
Associate Clinical Professor

Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies

Caryn Husman
Associate Clinical Professor and Director of Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies


Dana Law-Ham
Associate Clinical Professor of Nursing
Testing Committee Coordinator
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Nancy Jo Ross, Ph.D., RN
nross@une.edu | (207) 221-4483

Occupational Therapy

Elizabeth Crampsey
WCHP Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Associate Clinical Professor

Osteopathic Medicine

Bill Burge
Associate Clinical Professor
Headshot of Ling Cao
Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, COM
Chair, IACUC
Director, In Vitro Analytical Core
Marilyn Gugliucci
Director, Geriatrics Research
Director, U-ExCEL Older Adult Fitness/Wellness Program
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Paul Segal, D.O.
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Ryan Smith, D.O., M.Ed.
rsmith8@une.edu | (207) 602-2456
Headshot of Susan Wehry
Project Director(PD)
AgingME/Clinical Professor


Emily Dornblaser
Director for Interprofessional Education
Associate Professor, Critical Care Specialist

Physician Assistant

Headshot of Dana Villmore
Assistant Clinical Professor
Chair of Admissions
Diane Visich
Associate Program Director of Assessment
Clinical Professor
Meredith Wall
Academic Coordinator
Associate Clinical Professor

Physical Therapy

Tara Paradie
Assistant Clinical Professor
Director of Clinical Education
Eileen Ricci
Clinical Professor
Maine LEND Program Director
Maine LEND Pediatric PT Residency Program

Public Health

Social Work