About the Speaker Series

Nothing inspires future innovators like the stories of successful innovation. Our Innovator Speaker Series provides fascinating talks from experts across multiple professions who have led the way in bringing creativity and ingenuity to their respective fields. These entrepreneurs, design thinkers, and change makers have presented on everything from health care innovations in the time of COVID to how virtual reality technology is transforming business. 

Upcoming Speakers

Dr. Sarit Tresser
Innovations in Healthcare: Perspective From an Occupational Therapist 

Marion Leary
Creativity in Medicine: The Role of Design Thinking in Making Change Happen

Past Speakers

Yulia Barnakova
The Future of Presentations in a Virtual World

Dr. Tim Raderstorf
Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare: An Interactive Session

Jacqueline Claudia
Starting and Running a Mission-Driven Organization

Sarah Crossman, CPUX-F, MSPM, CSM, CSPO
User Experience Design: Personas, Journey Mapping, and Wireframing Your Idea (workshop series)

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A student responding to a speaker at a lecture
A student in a crowd asks the lecturer a question at an event


For more information on upcoming Innovator Speaker Series events, or if you have an idea for a speaker, please email the director of innovation Justine Bassett.