Student Research and Innovation Projects

About Student Projects

Students often see opportunities for innovation in their respective disciplines and come to the Office of Innovation for help in making their ideas come to fruition. We provide a broad array of resources — from technical prototyping help to business coaching and mentorship. 

Student researchers have a particular interest in innovation, as they often think of ideas for mechanisms that would aid them in their research. The Office of Innovation works with them to turn those ideas into realities. By helping these students design novel devices, we aid them in advancing science in their respective discipline. Consequently, they have gone on to publish papers, present their research at conferences, and get internship and employment opportunities directly tied to their work in the Office of Innovation’s Makerspace.

Project Examples

Using Drones in Research

Members of UNE’s Drone Club, Katie Dimm (’22) and Xander Vitarelli (’22) discuss how becoming drone certified will enhance their respective research efforts.