UNE’s Office of Innovation offers programs that encourage creative, experimental, and out-of-the-box thinking and doing. Our programming is designed to enrich the student experience with first-hand knowledge of the non-linear and iterative process that is design thinking. We consider it our job to grow your confidence in your ability to break new ground and to enhance your skill set for careers in the 21st century.
Two students work on a project in the makerspace

UNE Maine Ideas Challenge

UNE’s Maine Ideas Challenge is an idea-stage innovation contest that fosters the development of innovative and sustainable solutions to social, environmental, and health care problems. Bring your bright ideas to advance to the next level and win cash prizes.

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Shaw Fellows at UNE 2021 Group Picture

Shaw Innovation Fellowship

Our Shaw Innovation Fellowship program recruits forward-thinking students from across UNE’s academic programs to become part of a unique network of student innovators who lead creative and inventive projects in their respective areas of interest.

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A student in a boat flying a drone over the water

Student Research and Innovation Projects

Let your education, passion, and skills make a difference. Our resources and services help you harness your wildest ideas for making the world a better place and for advancing discovery in your subject of interest. We’ll even match you with a mentor who will help you become a true agent of change.

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Two students get help from a mentor while working on an innovation project

Mentor Program

The Office of Innovation matches students to mentors in the community who play an essential role in student projects and research efforts by providing real feedback, input, and knowledge to students throughout their education, research, and other career-advancing endeavors at UNE. Mentors act not only as sounding boards to bounce ideas off of, but they also help to empower students to become autonomous learners and the true change makers they seek to be. 

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