About the Challenge

The Maine Ideas Challenge, which is open to all students — undergraduate, graduate, and online — provides you with the opportunity to propose transformative solutions to real-world problems.

Innovative solutions can come from any field and at any scale — from a new business idea that changes a market to a social innovation that changes lives. Compete as an individual in Phase 1 for a $250 cash prize and the chance to be grouped as part of an interprofessional team in Phase 2. Teams in Phase 2 compete for a chance to win a share of up to $6,000 in prizes.

Winning teams may progress to higher-level competitions and compete for additional funding.

The Maine Ideas Challenge is jointly sponsored by the P.D. Merrill Charitable Trust and UNE’s Department of Business.

For more detailed information about the Maine Ideas Challenge, including how to apply, visit our blog.

Maine Ideas Challenge

Find out from previous Maine Ideas Challenge participants why you should join the Challenge.

Meet Patrick Schena

Pat’s idea — software that monitors body movements in goalies — took second place in the challenge.