The main objectives of this forum are to help support the process of building a strong scholarship culture by highlighting and sharing the collaborative work of scholars among UNE faculty, the library and the bookstore. Another objective is to mentor and support young faculty and students in the process of researching, writing and publishing books. In a few cases, we will organize panels on writing essays and applying for grants.  And finally this forum will connect the faculty with the larger community outside the University.

Faculty are invited to email information about the publication of new books so we can publicize them and schedule readings at the UNE Biddeford Campus and perhaps later at the Portland Campus as well. The bookstore will provide copies of the book, and authors will be introduced, read passages from their book, and share their experiences with the audience through questions and answers.

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Many of the lectures that UNE hosts can be viewed on our website as well as UNE's YouTube channel.


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