A Welcome from the Vice President for Global Affairs

Anouar Majid

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the University of New England’s campus in Tangier, Morocco! Tangier is my native city, so this program is very special to me.

Completed in 2014, our campus, with its striking Moorish design, is an expression in stone and glass of UNE’s global ideals. Our goal is to help students become true world citizens and connect people of diverse backgrounds and ideologies through culture, education and sports.

Our campus features an academic building with state-of-the-art classrooms, labs and a large auditorium; a residential building with an elegant cafeteria, exclusive dorm rooms and fitness facilities, and beautiful grounds with lush landscaping and a court for basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer.

Our academic programs are designed to support the needs of health and life sciences students, reflecting UNE’s strengths in these academic areas. Before UNE Morocco, such students could not study abroad without experiencing delays in their course load. We also offer a full suite of English-language courses that meet the needs of a broad range of undergraduate students. Our academic programs are currently open to all students enrolled in U.S. universities, and we are in the process of expanding our programs to welcome students from around the world.

In addition to our academic programs, we also host a rich calendar of cultural events and lectures, to which the public is invited. By bringing people together around enriching ideas and activities, we hope to foster global understanding and peace.

Please join us.

With best wishes,
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Anouar Majid

About Anouar Majid

Anouar Majid serves as the University of New England's Vice President for Global Affairs; Managing Director of the University’s Tangier, Morocco campus; Founding Director of the Center for Global Humanities in Portland, Maine; and Founding Director of the Tangier Global Forum. Before assuming these roles, he founded the Department of English in 2000 and chaired it for nine years.

Born in Tangier, Majid is a leading scholar on Muslim-Western relations. His five critically acclaimed books on Islam and the West, published by Duke, Stanford and Minnesota, have dealt with the place of Islam in the age of globalization. His most recent book on the topic, designed for the general reader, was published by Rowman & Littlefield in 2012 and reissued in paperback in 2015.

Professor Majid is equally interested in the importance of cultural literacy within higher education. His writings on the subject have been published in the Chronicle of Higher Education and reprinted in the Education Digest, the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ Diversity & Democracy, as well as in various college textbooks and New York Times letters to the editor. (View Majid's scholarship profile.)

Majid is also a novelist and co-founder and editor of Tingis, an online magazine.

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