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UNE Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences hosts events promoting Maine's biomedical research

October 01, 2009

The University of New England Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences will co-host two days of events promoting neuroscience education and research in the state.

The events kick off on Friday, Oct. 2, 2009 with a seminar sponsored by UNE's College of Pharmacy, followed by the Biotechnology Association of Maine Annual meeting, tours of the UNE research laboratories, and a reception and dinner at the George and Barbara Bush Center. 

Saturday, Oct. 3, features a full day of programming during the Maine Neurogenetics Consortium Retreat.

Center Director Ed Bilsky, Ph.D., is coordinating the events along with faculty from the Maine Institute of Human Genetics and Health, The University of Maine, Maine Medical Center and the Maine Medical Center Research Institute. 

Marie Hayes, Ph.D., who heads the neuroconsortium says that "over 150 scientists, educators and students across Maine are expected to participate in the events."

Tobin Dickerson Lecture

Tobin J. Dickerson, Ph.D., assistant professor at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, will give a talk entitled "End-Game Strategies for Prediction and Detection of Evolving Disease."

Dr. Dickerson has published 59 peer-reviewed articles, and his research interests include viral evolution, pathogen diagnostics, and the interplay between chronic parasitic infections and the immune system.  

The seminar is part of UNE's ongoing biomedical research seminar series featuring timely lectures and discussions in the fields of the neurosciences, molecular, cellular and whole systems physiology, pharmacology, psychology and the cognitive sciences. 

Maine Neurogenetics Consortium

The Maine Neurogenetics Consortium on Saturday will include research presentations and poster sessions by senior scientists and undergraduate and graduate/professional students.

The Maine Institute for Human Genetics and Health sponsored much of the research through a seed grant program. Recipients included scientists at the Jackson Laboratories, University of Maine, University of New England, the MIHGH, and Bates College.

Janet Hock, Ph.D., who is the director of the MIHGH, notes the strengthening of ties between many of the biomedical research institutions in Maine and colleges and universities within the state.

Dr. Bilsky adds "holding the Biotechnology Association of Maine annual meeting with these other events further demonstrates the partnerships between non-profit institutions and industry partners."

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